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Dear Sirs,

Our enterprise is the Open joint-stock company registed as "Engineering Industrial Center of Lubrication and Filtration Equipment". It was founded in 1995 on the base of Head Specialized Designers' and Technologists' Engineering Office of Lubrication and Filtration Equipment which had been founded in 1975 as the only specialized design and production organization in the former Soviet Union. Our enterprise is providing complex works in working-out, producing and the further service of lubrication and filtration equipment and also cleaning equipment for the lubricating-cooling liquids for all branches of machine building.

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  • Investigation of the enterprises and recommendations in employment of modern types of lubrication and filtration equipment including automatic lubricating systems and filtration equipment with pollution indicator.
  • Creation of specialized types of lubrication and filtration equipment including the constructions for the case of replacement instead of the imported details on functioning equipment.
  • Producing of all types of lubrication and filtration equipment for all branches of machine building, metallurgical and energy complexes, for motortransport and other machines and constructions.
  • Information, teaching and consulting in the subject of lubrication and cleaning of liquids.
High-qualified specialists work at this enterprise. They created and produced all lubrication and filtration equipment used at all machine-building branches in the former Soviet Union. They can solve any problem of modern enterprises concerning lubrication and filtration equipment according to their individual demands.

Our regular customers are the famous and the largest enterprises such as Uralmash (Russia), machine building plant in Novokramatorsk (Ukraine), Siblitmash (Russia), Krevorozhstal (Ukraine), Azovstal (Ukraine), Zaporozhstal (Ukraine), atomic power stations in Zaporozhye and Yuzhnoukrainsk (Ukraine), sea port in Nikolaev, carplants in Ulyanovsk and Zaparozhye, Gasprom and others.

Moderate prices, high technical levels of the projects, high quality product, the best relations with customers allow our enterprise to be strong in the internal and international market competition.

We guaranty high durability of our product. There are a number of examples, which prove this fact: Kremlin clock, atomic power stations, gas compressor stations, integrated mining plants, port cranes, rolling mills, railway transport etc. Our request is that we would like you to present our product at the nearest tender at your enterprise.

We hope for successful and mutual economic relations

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